We offer a full range of translation and localization services with an annual average production of over 80 million translated words into more than 120 language pairs and 60 different specializations.

What makes a successful translation

According to most common definitions, a translation is “the activity or process of changing the words of one language into the words in another language that have the same meaning”. But a successful translation is much more than that.

It takes a whole team of specialized people, the application of specific methodologies and quality assurance policies, the use of the latest technologies and tools, and, perhaps more importantly, years of valuable experience and expertise to produce a successfully localized product.

With 35 years of experience as a leading provider of all kinds of translations for the European and international market, ORCO provides a complete range of professional services encompassing the whole lifecycle of translated products.

What we offer

  • Languages: We cover more than 100 different language combinations, including all European languages, as well as Middle East and Asian languages.

  • Specializations: Our specializations span a wide range of sectors, including general translations, technical documentation, financial and legal translations, marketing translations, medical translations, and public sector translations.

  • Other services: Apart from translations, we offer a rich portfolio of complementary language and specialty services, including terminology management and proofreading services, software localization or certified translations, voiceovers and video subtitles, and desktop publishing.

  • Team of experts: To provide these services, we employ a whole team of project managers, linguists, subject matter experts, technical specialists, and creative translators, both in-house and freelancers. Our resources are highly skilled and experienced in their respective fields of expertise.

  • Translators: Our global network of translators spans multiple locations around the globe and consists of thoroughly vetted professionals who translate into their mother tongue and have been repeatedly tested through years of collaboration in different projects and for different customers.

  • Project managers: Our project managers plan the project to meet all customer specifications, timeframe, and budget requirements and coordinate all project-related activities and resources to achieve excellent service from start to finish. They have a linguistic background which makes them ideally suited to rise to the challenges involved in a translation project and be flexible and sensitive to our customers’ needs.

  • Translation technology: We employ a large variety of industry-standard translation tools, including project management software, computer-assisted translation solutions, machine translation platforms, and specialist software. Those can help handle a diverse range of content and file formats, always tailored to your needs and aimed to ensure accuracy and consistency, save time and optimize costs.

  • Machine translation: Depending on the content and the client specifications, we use machine translation technology to meet time and budget constraints, combined with post-editing services.

How it works

A typical translation project can be distinguished into the following phases:

  • Preparation

    We assess the client’s requirements, volume of work, available reference materials, and translation tools and set up the project schedule accordingly. Next we select the linguists who will work on the project based on expertise, past quality records, and availability, compile a brief with all project-specific instructions, and set up the appropriate working environment on the selected translation tool, linking the relevant translation memories and terminology databases to the project.

  • Translation

    Your content is assigned for translation to the most suitably qualified linguists, who are native speakers of the target language, meet the relevant ISO criteria for professional translators, have appropriate experience in the subject matter, and have been thoroughly vetted during our recruitment cycle.

  • Editing

    After translation, your content is assigned to a suitably qualified proofreader (also called an editor) who meets all of the above translator criteria and will check the translation against the source for accuracy, consistency, appropriateness of terminology, stylistic cohesion, and cultural relevance, as well as any oversights or errors.

  • Quality assurance

    As a final step we run quality assurance checks in the translated content. These usually consist of automated checks incorporated in the translation tools, which can verify spelling, punctuation, numbers, dates, and other factual information, adherence to glossaries or terminology lists, and consistent use of terms and phrases, among other things.

  • Delivery

    We verify the integrity of all files, prepare the deliverables according to client specifications, and ship them in the agreed delivery method, incorporating any final remarks or observations from the translation team. The project manager remains your single point of contact throughout the project, managing and coordinating project teams and resolving questions and issues promptly and effectively.

Our differentiating factor

We hold framework contracts with some of the world’s leading corporations and have established long-term collaborations with both local and international brands. We have a 95% customer retention rate, and most new business originates from customer recommendations and a sound market reputation. So, what is the differentiating factor for our services?

We are geared towards customer satisfaction: As localized products are our main credentials in today's highly competitive market, customer satisfaction is our most important asset.

We employ a process-oriented approach: We believe successful localization of products results from correct and efficient processes.

Our services are customizable: Every translation-localization project has its own characteristics, so “universal” processes cannot apply; each project needs a custom set of services.

Translation is knowledge-intensive: It is only possible to successfully carry out a translation project with efficient and sustainable knowledge management.

Timely delivery and high quality are equally important: Key competencies, appropriate skills, correct planning, and the use of adequate technology can overcome the traditional “time to market” vs. “high quality” trade-off.

We can help you

Maintain your brand image acrosss markets: Fluent, well-written, and technically accurate translations are your key to unlocking foreign markets. They show your target audiences that you are customer-focused and quality-driven.

Meet legal requirements for translation: For certain types of products (e.g., medical devices), manufacturers are legally obliged to supply the documentation in the target market language. We can help you translate the full range of your technical documentation on time and within budget.

Save time and costs from redos: Entrusting your materials to a professional translation provider will save you money in the long run and avoid costly delays due to errors or, even worse, lawsuits due to faulty instructions.

Avoid the hassle of explaining your requirements or dealing with broken file formats or other technical problems: We can deal with any file format and meet all your complex needs, including formatting, layout, graphics text, and handwritten or scanned documents, and deliver the translations in any format desired. Plus, we have experience and know-how to deal with most challenges presented during translation, and we know which issues can be internally resolved and which should be escalated back to you for input.

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