Quality management forms the cornerstone of any
successful translation and localization project.

Quality: is it still relevant?

Nowadays, speed and efficiency are essential, and content usually has a short lifecycle, which means that quality is a major factor in an equation that also features speed and cost efficiency. But how does one balance all of these seemingly contradictory factors?

One thing is certain: to achieve the desired level of quality, it is not enough anymore to simply employ the right people for the right tasks.

Implementing specific workflows, developing multi-step processes, extensively using technologies and tools, and applying concrete standards across all translation/localization work is also essential.

Today, ORCO offers a series of such complementary quality assurance services, which you can read about below.

Review and revision

There are many different kinds of review and revision, depending on your content and business needs.

Whatever the type of review or revision you opt for, the fact remains that it is an indispensable part of trustworthy, quality translations. Through professional translation services combined with a proper revision step, you benefit from the following:

  • Consistent brand image
  • Stronger engagement of your target audience
  • Strengthened perception of high quality for your products or services
  • Increased customer trust and loyalty

Linguistic quality assurance

Are you unsure about the quality of your previously translated content or would you like to test the quality of your current translation solution? We can help!

We offer additional quality assurance services designed to help you evaluate the quality of your translated content or selected translation solution, provide feedback and reporting on serious errors found and help gain insight into the provided level of quality with individual languages.

We offer:

  • Linguistic audit of a statistically sound sample against industry or client-defined standards and completion of quality assurance reports based on established QA metrics

  • Comprehensive review and correction of third-party translations

Specialized QA checks

We can also help you with a range of specialized quality assurance checks targeted mainly to multimedia and software content.

  • Linguistic review and testing of final compiled files

  • In-context review of running builds (for software and help)

  • In-context review of content in specially prepared formats and media (mobile phone simulators, screenshot reviews)

  • In-context review of files in custom online QA systems and application of specific QA workflows

  • Bug logging, tracking, and fixing for all the above review types in client databases

Language asset management

Your “language assets” are your linguistic infrastructure materials: your translation memories, glossaries, style guides, or other supporting materials for the localization of your products.

They are a vital part of your localization program since they set out the framework your products should be localized in, the brand image and language you want to convey, the text conventions and cultural norms of each locale you target, and the way you want to communicate with your customers.

If this is your first time localizing your products, we can help create them for you. And if not, we can help maintain them in top condition so you can get the most out of them.

Translation standards compilation and maintenance

  • Creation and maintenance of translation Style Guides
  • Cultural compatibility assessment and compilation of relevant standards

Translation memory creation and maintenance

  • Creation of translation memories from already available materials
  • Translation memory maintenance and clean up

Terminology management

Terminology plays a crucial role in all fields, but in the corporate environment in particular, it lies at the heart of many organizational aspects: It enables and promotes communication and knowledge sharing between people working in the same scientific or business field, helps to build and maintain a company's image, ensures brand consistency, improves the quality of offerings, and enhances customer trust and satisfaction.

Terminology Management is the key to successful knowledge management and ensures that clear and consistent language is used within and across all products and services of a company.

Our range of terminology management services includes the following:

  • Glossary creation and maintenance
  • Existing glossary evaluation, revision, and cleanup
  • Terminology extraction and translation
  • Conversion of client's terminological data for use with terminology management tools and enablement of online terminology sharing
  • Evaluation of customer's existing terminological data and development of custom processes for efficient terminology organization and management
  • Terminologist services for terminology creation, evaluation, and maintenance in specialized fields

You benefit from

  • Professional revisers, reviewers, proofreaders, and editors
  • Senior linguists with considerable professional experience in terminology management
  • Thorough and well-established quality assurance processes
  • In-depth knowledge of quality assurance tools and use of the latest technologies
  • Long experience servicing demanding accounts and large clients with complex requirements
  • Proven results evidenced by high success rates in international and European tenders

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