No matter what you sell and how you reach your customers,
two facts are undisputable: people prefer to shop in their
language, and they prefer to do it online.

Retail and e-commerce: what does it entail?

The retail industry encompasses all companies that sell goods or services to consumers. They can range from grocery and convenience stores to fashion and clothing, electrical and specialty brands. There are many different types of stores and sales channels, from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to catalogs, corner shops, and, of course, e-commerce.

E-commerce is a type of retail that has seen a significant rise, especially in the post-Covid era. Many consumers already preferred online shopping, but with the advent of social distancing imposed by the pandemic, even more of them have turned to digital marketplaces.

As a result, B2B businesses had to digitize their operations to remain competitive and ensure customer safety. This meant creating sales channels to interact with customers remotely and online, such as online marketplaces, websites, mobile apps, and other e-commerce solutions.

This new digital landscape creates a ripe playing field for localizing your retail content into the languages of your target markets. Research has shown that consumers prefer to shop in their own language; in fact, a fully localized website can be a major driver of success and growth and may mean the difference between a curious site visitor and a loyal customer.

From product labelling to HR training materials

We can provide tailored solutions for all types of retail and e-commerce content:

  • Websites and global marketplaces

  • Product labeling for physical or online stores

  • Employee training materials and communications

  • Customer support solutions (chatbots, chat, and e-mail)

  • Digital marketing campaigns

What makes a successful retail translation

We understand the main challenges that define any successful retail and e-commerce localization project.

Using the right translators is key. People need to be familiar with the products or services to be localized, aware of how these products are perceived in the target market, and skilled in creative marketing translation.

Speed is crucial. Time to market can often determine the success of a product, and a product launch frequently happens simultaneously across all of the brand’s global markets.

Quality takes center stage. Quality here goes beyond following grammatical and stylistic rules. Language needs to be consistent across all sales channels, and it needs to be fit for purpose but always preserve the brand image. This goal can be achieved by creating a sound and well-maintained linguistic infrastructure (style guides, glossaries, guidelines, and quality checks) and applying appropriate and versatile localization workflows.


  • With over 400 translators, editors & copywriters in our database, we will definitely find the right fit for your content

  • We cover more than 170 language combinations

  • We have successfully carried out translation/localization projects for several world-leading retailers, including fashion brands, sports equipment, and luxury goods manufacturers

  • We employ all current translation technologies to speed up production and ensure quality and consistency

  • With over 30 years of experience in the localization industry, we can create custom workflows tailored to your needs and expectations, whether this calls for highly specialized human translators and a multi-step process or the use of fine-tuned machine translation workflows

  • Our services are certified according to ISO 9001, 17100, and 27001 standards, which govern quality management and information security

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