Bridging the Campus-Workplace Gap:
Insights Shared at NETTT Conference 2022

In July 2022, ORCO participated in the New Trends in Translation and Technology (NETTT) Conference, where Marisa Lavda, EU Quality & Training Manager, delivered an insightful presentation on the topic of "Bridging the Campus-Workplace Gap – Insights from a custom hands-on training programme for translating EU texts."

The conference provided a valuable platform for experts in the translation industry to highlight developments and exchange ideas, and Marisa's presentation was well-received as it shed light on a common challenge faced by university graduates and employers in the translation field: the gap between academic knowledge and practical workplace skills and the bumpy road for entering the job market. While universities equip students with valuable theoretical knowledge, they often fall short in preparing them for the real-world demands of the translation profession. Furthermore, graduates often lack a clear understanding of job requirements and current industry trends.

Employers, on the other hand, face a dilemma when hiring fresh graduates or freelance translators. Traditional recruitment methods, such as reviewing CVs, conducting interviews and evaluating short translation samples, often fail to provide a comprehensive assessment of a candidate's competence. Important skills, such as actual proficiency with CAT tools, time management under pressure, and effective research capabilities, are challenging to gauge through conventional hiring practices.

ORCO S.A, as a leading player in the translation industry, recognized the need to bridge this gap and heavily invested not only in internships and traineeships, but also in the development of specialised training programmes to address increasing demand from specific end-clients. Marisa presented a particular case-study, a flagship training programme for translating EU texts, which was developed by ORCO with a view to enhancing its team of translators, reviewers and project managers for EU translation contracts.

This initiative did not only benefit trainees by providing valuable specialisation and opening a path for them to enter a niche market but also offered to the company the opportunity to identify and nurture talent that aligns with its specific needs.

Our presentation at NETTT underscored the importance of collaboration between academic institutions and the industry to ensure that translation graduates are well-prepared for the workforce. By addressing this crucial issue, ORCO S.A continues to make valuable contributions to the translation community, promoting growth and excellence in the field.

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