Quality Policy

At ORCO, the quality of service at all levels of its operation is an issue of paramount importance. The company invests considerable effort to maintain the highest possible qualitative standards, a fact which is also evidenced in our successful accreditation according to the ISO 9001, ISO 17100, and ISO 27001 standards.
ORCO’s mission is to provide high-quality translation services to achieve client satisfaction and maximize benefits for both the client and ORCO. The quality characteristics of our service are reflected in the company’s objectives and in our vision and values, which come together to form our Quality Policy.

The primary objectives of the Company are:

  • Aim at customer satisfaction

  • Build strong business relationships with our clients and our partners, based on mutual trust, respect and professionalism

  • Strive to be flexible, reliable and deliver what we promise

  • Focus on operational effectiveness and profitability

  • Constantly improve our services and pursue innovations that will give us a competitive advantage

  • Make every effort to support the industry and the educational community, by sharing our knowledge and know-how and providing employment opportunities for young people

The main principles governing the Company's policy are:

  • Provide high quality services with emphasis on reliability, accuracy and timeliness

  • Adhere to a strict code of business ethics in all aspects of company operation

  • Pursue innovation that increases productivity, safeguards quality and enables us to meet customer needs

  • Be competitive by offering well-structured rates, based on realistic cost-performance financial data and market trends

  • Comply with all client specifications and standards through the rigorous application of our quality assurance system

  • Focus on human resources as the most important asset of the company

  • Implement and continuously improve our Quality Management System, which is designed according to the ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 17100:2015 standards to help us work more effectively and efficiently

  • Continuously monitor the legislation and ensure the implementation of all applicable laws and regulations  

We are committed to achieving the company objectives and complying with these principles. We take pride in our work and measure our success by ensuring client and employee satisfaction.

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