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ORCO employs 35 permanent in-house personnel and more than 100 external suppliers. Overall, our pool of resources includes project managers, translators and editors, DTP specialists and engineers. When it comes to selecting its employees, ORCO makes a point of hiring people with varied backgrounds in order to guarantee a high degree of specialisation which is essential when dealing with sensitive high-profile projects.


Management Team

Our management team includes very experienced specialists who – apart from their professional involvement – have a key-role in the decision-making processes of the company. (read more...)


Production Team

Our in-house production team includes those professionals who are responsible for the execution of the projects, communicate directly with the clients and ensure that the work is done well and on-time. They are the most critical work-team of the company with the highest level of responsibility. (read more...)


External Team

The pool of our external resources includes experienced linguists with top performance in their field of expertise.  Their role is to participate in projects where they have a comparative advantage based on their experience and expertise in a specific field. (read more...)



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