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Over the years, ORCO has used state-of-the-art technologies for its in-house operation and project execution. The company has invested considerable funds and efforts for a continuous technological updating, improving and ensuring a higher productivity and quality for all services offered to its clients. 

To fulfill and accomplish this task, the company has a modern and fully organised internal infrastructure at all levels. The building where ORCO is housed is located right in the centre of Athens. There, in some spacious offices, the company accommodates 25 in-house permanent staff stationed in separate working compartments. A separate compartment houses the IT personnel and the central computer systems of the company.  There is also space allocated specifically to training seminars, meetings, accounting, etc.  A separate well-equipped dining room is used for lunch breaks of the staff or visiting guests.

Office equipment of all kinds and types is scattered all over for the use by every person working in the company. The email/internet communication system is based on a dedicated leased line supported by one of the larger providers in the country. Also, there are two ADSL lines connected as a backup. System failures are negligible. 

Several translation/localization tools of the latest technology are used in order to ensure the highest productivity and quality level for all our projects. 

For the project management of our work we use the recently acquired Plunet BusinessManager translation management system. Plunet is a versatile business and workflow platform which provides translation agencies with a wealth of features including, but not limited to Order placements, Automated generation of quotations, Job placement, Order and job management, Invoicing, Project and financial reports and Customer relationship management. The key strengths behind Plunet, namely, Automation, Integration and Quality are what set it apart from the competition. These qualities are also part of what defines ORCO as an establishment. Therefore, we believe that Plunet is a welcome addition to our infrastructure and that it will greatly enhance our workflow and internal procedures.

For the immediate future, the plan is to proceed with the application of ISO and EN in the company. This is expected to be realised within 2011.

As far as the central computer system is concerned, we have recently (2010) changed it completely. The modern VM-technology system we have just acquired and installed in our premises. The main technical characteristics of this system are briefly presented below.

  • New, faster and safer 1Gb LAN
    • HP Procurve 1Gb managed LAN Switches
    • UTP CAT6 LAN
  • New servers
    • The new servers provide excess of CPU power, RAM and hard disk capacity which consume less energy due to the latest technological design.
  • New storage system
    • The new storage system is using double controllers, double power supplies and ethernet cards which provide High Availability. Connection with servers is done with the iScsi 1Gb protocol succeeding high error-free connectivity with the current or any newer equipment. Storage is expandable and can host up to 60 hard disk drives at RAID-6 technology that provides maximum data safety.
  • New security system
    • We have selected the new security system device because it is a complete solution which is not only protecting us with the advanced Firewall services, but also provides advanced antispam, web-blocking, intrusion prevention, antivirus and load balancing capabilities.

  • New vistualization OS
    • The core virtualisation environment is supporting and managing all virtual machines, optimising performance by managing resources of hosts and is providing highly available services. It is the most reliable platform  for virtualisation datacenters.
  • Workstations
    • Orco's infrustructure consists of about 30 workstations. Those workstations are running Windows (XP, Vista, Win 7) and Linux platforms. The latest software packages are installed, some of which are: Ms Office 2003/2007 EN/GR, SDL Trados Studio/Multiterm 2009, SDL Trados Suite/Multiterm 2007, Translation Workspace and Tools, MS Locstudio, and Helium.  Furthermore, DTP equipment and software are also available.

  • Communications
    • Orco is using a direct microwave link which offers high and guaranteed internet speed for all our internet services. A second high-speed line is also available. Load-Balancing and failover scenarios are using those lines accordingly. Email, FTP and localization services are all internally hosted and managed.

  • Plunet BusinessManager - Business und Translation Management System