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IT Consulting Services & Products

With the advent and dissemination of powerful computer systems in the Greek market during the 80’s, this department was immediately formed and activated to become a strong business section in our company. The IT projects undertaken varied from application software development to the design of complete organizational schemes based on information systems and relevant facilities within corporate environments. 


The typical IT consulting project requires in-depth knowledge of the client's business environment, the analysis of the proposed IT infrastructure, the evaluation and selection of the appropriate hardware and software, and the implementation of a total IT solution. The responsibility in undertaking large IT consultancy projects is huge because of the capital investment required for the realisation of the solution proposed. As a result, the execution of such projects requires the technical expertise and team work of the highest level. The main fields of IT consultancy offered to our clients are:

  • Systems analysis
  • Computer programming
  • Data entry
  • Data processing
  • Data management
  • Statistical analysis
In many complex projects, the IT combines with the management and OR work teams in order to produce the best operational solution coupled with the best IT solutions proposed.


  • Plunet BusinessManager - Business und Translation Management System