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ORCO started as a consulting firm in 1983.   For more than 6 years, consulting was the exclusive business activity of the company, until 1989, when translation and software localization was added to its range of services provided.


As a consulting company, ORCO was (and still is) very active in several fields of operations and business sectors.   By 1980, with the advent of reliable and fast computers in the international markets, the demand for consulting services focused primarily on IT applications.   Hardware and software systems had to be proposed as a «bespoke total solution» designed for specific customers and applications.   Hence, the work of a consulting firm – like ORCO – had to offer its services in this direction.


Consequently, the style of management had to change in a similar manner, in order to apply a new «systems-based management» doctrine using powerful computers.   This meant that the administrative as well as the operational and production management had to be fundamentally changed.    New feasibility studies had to be worked out to accommodate the new technologies.


These two fields were the first areas of consultancy offered to the Greek and international markets.   Later, after 1989, with the experience gained from a series of software localization projects carried out on behalf of large IT international corporations, the consulting services of ORCO expanded to include «translation & localization consultancy».

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