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Translation and Localization

A Full Range of Localization Services

ORCO offers a broad range of services to clients wishing to adapt and localize their products and services for their successful marketing in Greece.  We provide the following translation and localization services:

A Process Oriented Approach

The ORCO Translation and Localization Department has designed and offers its services based on five essential ground truths. These ground truth assumptions have enabled ORCO to achieve remarkable results in terms of high level of service, high quality and timely delivery. These results are depicted in its long-term collaboration with major customers.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal: As localized products are our main credentials in today's highly competitive market, customer satisfaction is our most important asset.

Services have to be customised: Every translation-localization project has its own characteristics, so "universal" processes cannot apply; each project needs a custom set of services.

Translation - localization is knowledge-intensive: It is impossible to successfully carry out any translation project without an efficient and sustainable knowledge management.

Timely delivery and high quality are both equally important: Key competencies, appropriate skills, correct planning and the use of adequate technology can overcome the traditional "time to market" vs. "high quality" trade-off.

Successfully localized products are the outcome of correct and efficient processes: Carefully designed, duly customized and properly applied and monitored processes yield optimal results. As a matter of fact, translation - localization work is, by its own nature, process-oriented.

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