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ORCO Endorses Virtualisation Technology

In terms of  production speed and quality, flexibility and safety, ORCO has decided to upgrade its core systems. Virtualisation seems to be the only way for improvement...

The key areas of our new improved datacenter are:

  • New, faster and safer 1Gb LAN
    • HP Procurve 1Gb managed LAN Switches
    • UTP CAT6 LAN
  • New Servers
    • The new servers provide excess of CPU power, RAM and hard disk capacity which consume less energy due to the latest technological design.
  • New Storage System
    • The new storage system is using double controllers, double power supplies and ethernet cards which provide High Availability. Connection with servers is done with the iScsi 1Gb protocol succeeding high error-free connectivity with the current or any newer equipment. Storage is expandable and can host up to 60 hard disk drives at RAID-6 technology that provides maximum data safety.
  • New security system
    • We have selected the new security system device because it is a complete solution which is not only protecting us with the advanced Firewall services, but also provides advanced antispam, web-blocking, intrusion prevention, antivirus and load balancing capabilities.

  • New virtualisation OS
    • The core virtualisation environment is supporting and managing all virtual machines, optimising performance by managing resources of hosts and is providing highly available services. It is the most reliable platform  for virtualisation datacenters.


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